Travel experts share their best plane seating hacks

Travel experts have shared their best airplane seating hacks. For some travellers, selecting a plane seat can cause analysis paralysis, in which an overwhelming amount of options may lead to further indecision. Thankfully, a few seasoned travel experts have shared with Huffington Post tips and tricks to make the process less overwhelming for new and frequent travelers alike.

“I always book a window seat on flights,” Gabby Beckford, the founder of travel site Packs Light, recommended for those w

Woman says Delta Air Lines ‘targeted’ her for not wearing a bra

A woman said that Delta Air Lines targeted her for not wearing a bra.

During a news press conference on Thursday, 28 March, 38-year-old DJ Lisa Archbold held a news conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred, claiming that when she showed up to board her Delta Airlines flight at Salt Lake City Airport in January, she was singled out by airline staff. Archbold told the press, “I was targeted and humiliated.”

“It felt like a scarlet letter was being attached to me,” Archbold recalled of being e

Travel expert shares when solo travellers should ask for a hotel room change

In a viral TikTok video, travel writer and content creator Patrice (@patricejwill) advised that solo travellers avoid staying in a hotel room that has been announced by a hotel clerk or front desk employee in the lobby – accidentally or not – for safety concerns. She said that it is best to request a room change just in case there will be unwanted visitors, especially for women who are travelling alone.

“The reason behind that is that the front desk attendant should never say your room number o

How to watch beloved Big Bear bald eagles hatch their chicks

Two California bald eagles are expecting their chicks to hatch any day now.

Jackie and Shadow - a pair of bald eagles nested in a pine tree by Big Bear Lake, California - have developed an online following ever since Sandy Steers, an executive director for the non-profit organisation Friends of Big Bear Valley (FOBBV), installed a 24-hour eagle cam back in 2015.

On the livestream, Jackie and Shadow can typically be seen taking turns sitting in their six-foot-wide nest, protecting their brood f

Passenger booted from Mexico WestJet flight for excessive bathroom use

A WestJet passenger alleged that she was booted off a flight for using the bathroom too much before takeoff.

Author Joanna Chiu (@joannachiu) revealed on X, formerly known as Twitter, that airline staff removed her from the flight after an “upset stomach” led her to take multiple trips to the bathroom. The incident reportedly occurred in January.

She wrote on the platform, “Just got kicked off a @WestJet flight from Mexico because I had an upset stomach and was going to the washroom too much b

Why is everyone obsessed with Banff on TikTok?

A ski resort in Banff, a small town in Alberta, Canada, has been taking social media by storm.

There’s another North American ski resort town giving Aspen a run for its money, with its acrobatic ski stunts and impeccable winter fashion, among other draws, going viral on TikTok.

Banff has a lot to offer and thanks to social media, more people can see what sets it apart. It is a famed UNESCO World Heritage Site, full of soaring peaks, lush valleys, and wildlife. It is also home to Canada’s first

American Airlines passenger’s luggage gets crushed after being run over by truck

An American Airlines passenger shared photos on Reddit showing that her luggage had been crushed by a luggage truck.

The passenger explained that the airline forced her to check in her luggage at the gate. When they arrived at baggage claim they were reportedly told by officials that it was “banged-up” but didn’t elaborate on the extent of the damage. The passenger said they discovered that not only the suitcase had been destroyed but “every non-clothing item” as well. All of the clothing withi

Airbnb’s cancellation rules spark backlash as Hurricane Idalia makes landfall

Airbnb’s cancellation rules have angered users who learned they wouldn’t be getting their money back after having to cancel their Florida stays because of Hurricane Idalia.

The hurricane has begun to impact the Sunshine State’s west coast, which sits in the eye of the storm. With winds forecasted to exceed 110 mph, the Category 3 hurricane is expected to hit multiple cities and potentially hit areas of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina before it calms down.

While the damage caused by

Airport worker shares tips on how to prevent losing baggage

An airport worker on TikTok has given viewers a simple hack to prevent baggage loss.

In a video shared by Ontario International Airport, a worker at the California-based airport revealed that old stickers stuck to a suitcase can cause luggage to be loaded onto the wrong plane. The baggage handler explained that previous stickers can be scanned by the machine, leading them to be sorted to the wrong area and “not get on the plane”.

“Let’s say you flew American and a month later you flew Southwes

Spirit Airlines passengers claim they were stuck on a plane for seven hours

Spirit Airlines passengers were allegedly forced to wait more than seven hours in the plane before takeoff, the latest incident from the controversial airline.

On 15 August, passenger Lindsey Mascera shared a video to TikTok which showed a plane full of passengers who reportedly waited seven hours inside the aircraft. The video has since been viewed more than 11 million times.

Most airlines usually allow passengers to off-board the plane or find another flight in the case of delays, but accord

Delta passenger slams airline for allegedly losing her dog at Atlanta airport

A woman has claimed that Delta Air Lines staff allegedly lost her dog. Now, she’s taken to social media in a desperate bid to find her missing pup.

Former passenger Paula Rodriguez has claimed that Delta staff allegedly lost her dog, Maia, last Friday at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia.

Rodriguez was reportedly flying in from the Dominican Republic when she was denied entry to the United States by US Border Control officials. In an interview with Atlanta News First,

Woman justifies her 6,000-mile trip to get hair extensions

A TikTok content creator, Bryn Elise, has posted a video about travelling to Turkey for a week to get her hair extensions done for cheaper than it would have cost had she had them done in the US.

As it turns out, the 27-year-old ultimately spent less for the entire trip and the hair extensions at a price of $1,750. She said the whole experience was “100% worth it”.

In her video, Elise explained that after “an email from my US salon letting me know that they were raising the prices of the exten

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